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Biz Addrbook Manual  [ Japanese ]

階層化アドレス帳 for Outlook

Biz Addrbook 製品マニュアル

Layered address book for Outlook

Biz Addrbook Manual

2022/12/13 Ver, Automatic version updator
2022/03/13 Ver, Significant performance improvement
2017/07/31 Ver, English document
2017/06/08 Ver, Created

At First

This document is a manual of Biz Addrbook addin for Microsoft Office Outlook by Seasoft Corporation.


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  1. contracts is now shown
  2. Invalid activation code error
  3. License cannot be enabled
  4. Over the limit of accounts on contract
  5. Over the limit machines on your license
  6. How to use on 64bit Office Outlook

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